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  • Build a portfolio showcasing your digital marketing skills and projects
  • Gain practical experience with us / freelance work
  • Get More Sales for your Business
  • Stay updated with the latest trends and developments in digital marketing
  • Network with professionals in the industry through online communities, conferences, and events
  • Open an Agency and Offer Digital Marketing as a Service
  • Continuously learn and adapt to the evolving digital landscape to stay ahead in your career
  • Weekly live trainings sessions to solve your all queries 
  • While learning best opportunity to grow with us 


WORTH INR 59,000/-
Rs. 2000 / Limited Time Only
  • Organic Lead Generation
  • Social Media marketing
  • Personal Branding
  • Attraction Marketing
  • Affiliate Training (Recording of Previous Weekly Training Sessions)
  • Weekly Live Training


WORTH INR 1,49,000/- Including Lite
Rs.3500 / Limited Time Only
  • Everything in Lite
  • More Advanced Strategy of Organic Lead Generation
  • Advanced Group Promotion strategy
  • Product Review Strategy
  • Lead Magnet Offer Strategy
  • 8 Bonus Courses worth 1192 USD
  • Social Media Content Creation (Video Course worth 199 USD)
  • YouTube SEO (Video Course worth 199 USD)
  • Email Marketing Automation (Video Course worth 199 USD)
  • Internet Marketing for Complete Beginners (E-Book Bundle worth 199 USD)
  • YouTube Quick Start (E-Book worth 99 USD)
  • Affiliate Marketing Success (E-Book worth 99 USD)
  • Facebook Group Domination (E-Book worth 99 USD)
  • Facebook Messenger Marketing – Chatbot (E-Book worth 99 USD)
  • Monthly Update
  • Weekly Live Training


WORTH INR 3,49,000/- Including Lite+Standard
Rs.8475 / Limited Time Only
  • Everything in Lite & Advance
  • Digital Marketing Mastery
  • Advanced Instagram Growth Mastery
  • CPA Affiliate Marketing
  • Communication Mastery
  • Brand That Shines
  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery
  • Funnel Building Mastery
  • Advance Fb Ad Mastery
  • Google Ad & YouTube Ad Mastery
  • Create & Monetize Your Course in 30 Days
  • Google Adsence
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Writing / Marketing
  • WordPress Website Design & Development
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Marketing Mastery
  • WordPress Website Design & Development
  • Niche / Product Selection
  • Weekly Live Training
  • Continuous Upgrade and New Course Addition

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How is it different from other courses?

It’s not just a course. It’s pure action-based step-by-step process training which can help you to generate 25 to 30 highly qualified leads organically using social media. You don’t need to spend money on any Paid Ads, Just follow the steps given in the training… that’s it.

Is the content available right away?

Yes, you get access to the membership area instantly.

I don’t have too many contacts in my Facebook account, How will I be able to generate Leads?

You don’t need to promote any product to your existing contacts or friends. In “Practical Training” you learn how to identify your target audience available in Digital Channels and Generate leads.

Why use Digital Marketing?

As the name suggests, Digital Marketing happens to be a digital form of marketing that is carried out online. This implies a whole range of mediums like videos, social networking platforms, email, etc. on offer, through which various brands can carry out brand awareness and promotion in a much better manner as compared to the traditional forms of marketing. With the world going digital, there is no substitute for Digital Marketing. It brings along a number of salient advantages such as cost- effectiveness, wider reach, easy targeting, measurability, connecting with the mobile audience, and so on. This is what makes Digital Marketing the preferred choice of the majority of the marketers out there.

How to get started with Digital Marketing Mastery?

There are a few essential things that you got to do if you want to get started with Digital Marketing Mastery. Let’s check out these things. They comprise of having the necessary knowledge and skills. Others include being aware of the latest trends, having an online presence, using your creativity, the know-how of Analytics, establishing connections and networks, gaining some experience.



Social Media Content Creation

YouTube - Channel SEO

Internet Marketing For Beginners - E-Book

E-mail Marketing Automation

Affiliate Marketing Success - E- Book

Facebook Group Domination - E-Book

YouTube Quick Start - E-Book

Fb Messenger Chatbot Marketing - E-Book

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